UBT at the 2019 ABA and UMA Trade Shows

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Coming off the end of an eventful start to the year, representatives from UBT have just returned after a long, productive trip to the 2019 UMA Motorcoach Expo and the 2019 ABA Marketplace. Over the ten days spent between both shows, much was learned and shared, making this may be the most successful stretch of UMA and ABA trade shows for the company yet.

“There were a lot of great moments at each of these shows. We learned a lot about what other people in the industry are doing and have come back with some great ideas on how to move forward this year,” UBT president Christian Riddell said.

Riddell was a part of a panel at the Bus Industry Safety Council Closing Session titled, “DVIRs – Features, Expectations,” in which he spoke about the importance of eDVIR’s user-friendliness and customization. Joined by Chris Liang, UBT’s director of sales, and Tingting Guo, general manager of iLIKEBUS.com, UBT’s group attended, among other educational sessions, a session directed by Michael Harris, the IT Director of Martz Group. When not in educational or networking sessions, the group manned the UBT booth at these shows.

“We’ve seen a real upgrade with our booth presence since Christian came onboard,” Liang says. “We are incredibly confident in our ability to educate operators on how they could be taking advantage of revenue streams onboard their vehicles in new ways.”

Though the shows may be over, the lessons learned remain. “These two shows are the biggest of the year, and only get larger every year. We learned a lot, as we do every year, and we only hope it’ll make us a stronger company,” Riddell said. “And we hope that the impressions we left on others help them strengthen their service and contribute to the greater strength of this industry.”

“We are always excited to see our old friends and to make new ones. We are already looking forward to next year’s shows,” Liang added.

The 2019 UMA Motorcoach Expo was held on January 6-10. The 2019 ABA Marketplace was held on January 25-29.

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