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The motorcoach industry is not another in a long list of industries that we serve. it is THE industry we serve. Our products are designed to make running your business easier, safer, and more profitable. We are here for you like no other company can be.
Exciting Products

Exciting Products

Our ever-growing line of motorcoach specific products is designed with your needs in mind. From line runs to charter operations, tour companies to limo operators, we have solutions that will make you a safer more profitable company.
24/7 Support

24/7 Support

We know when you need help, you need help! Whether that is on a Wednesday at noon or a Sunday at 2 a.m. We have 24/7 live agents ready to get you the help that you need. We stand behind our products because that is who we are, your motorcoach technology partners.


A technology company that does not innovate is doomed to die a sad and lonely death. Our team has been built to innovate. From new and exciting products to making our existing products better, no one knows innovation like we do.

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our team

A dedicated team whose mission it is to bring the motorcoach industry the products you need.
  • Tony Wei
    Tony Wei C.E.O.
  • Alan Zou
    Alan Zou C.T.O.
  • Chris Liang
    Chris Liang Strategic Account Manager - Northeast Region
  • Peter Oakman
    Peter Oakman Strategic Account Manager - Western Region
  • Steven Ward
    Steven Ward Strategic Account Manager - Southern Region
  • Luis D. Morales
    Luis D. Morales Inside Sales Support

We started United Bus Technology to become more than a provider of tools and resources. Our mission is to be the technology partner that this industry wants and needs.


Coach. Technology. Partners.

Onboard Entertainment | Mega WiFi | Safety+ | Shield ELD | Ticketing
  • Netbox Suite
  • UBT Bus
  • Netbox Duo
  • UBT App, Netbox Suite
  • UBT Bus

Proud Members

We’re working every day to make our motorcoach community stronger. We are proud supporters of many of the associations and groups that serve you.

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