Multimedia Marketing Specialist

    Job Location: McLean, VA 

    Job Duties:

    Work with client as business partner by gathering information and analyzing data, conducting secondary research, examining competitive activity, identifying target insights to design, develop and execute client’s marketing and advertising policies and strategies to promote brands/services; Interpret and apply creative direction to plan, design, and develop new multimedia marketing channels including email, search ads, display ads, SEO, social media, offline marketing, and other advertising materials as requested by clients; Create and deliver marketing reports to clients on a monthly basis; Develop long-term SEO strategies to increase websites’ organic search rankings, including keyword research and updating, keyword position tracking through Agency Analytics, content development, landing page building, and optimization, onsite SEO, etc.; Analyze and evaluate the performance of all marketing practices and campaigns, and adjust as needed: including SEO practices, paid advertising (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads), website analytics, social media performance, email marketing statistics, offline marketing practices, etc.



    • Minimum a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Advertising, or Communication-related field

    • Minimum 2 years marketing/advertising related work experience. 

    To Apply:

    Please mail a copy of your resume with a cover letter to